About Lundonia Biotech

Company Profile
Lundonia Biotech AB is a Swedish biotechnology company dedicated to playing a leading role in providing academic research and industrial R&D with advanced diagnostic tools. The products are designed to be used for quantitative binding studies of e.g. lectins, viruses, bacteria, and eucaryotic cells to well-defined saccharides covalently linked to MicroWell(TM) Plates and other materials. Lundonia Biotech AB offers products such as ready-to-use GlycoWell(TM) Plates, affinity matrices, fluorophorc labelled saccharides, and neo-glycoproteins for use as inhibitors and reagents for covalent linkage to proteins and surfaces.

Company Goal
It is the goal of Lundonia Biotech AB to provide well-defined research tools for the progressive glycoscientist.

Lundonia Biotech AB is located in the Swedish university city of Lund, within a few hundred meters from the Lund University Biochemical Center and the Center for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Lund is only 40 minutes away from the Danish capital, Copenhagen, and the region's main airport. Being part of the Greater Copenhagen region and the Medicon Valley, Lund is a major international center for medical and biochemical research.

Lundonia Biotech AB's know-how is based on the results of many years of research in synthetic carbohydrate chemistry at Lund University.

The laboratories of Lundonia Biotech AB are equipped to meet the demands of modern high quality research and production standards.