What is a GlycoWell™ Plate?

GlycoWell™ plates offer you many advantages:

The GlycoWell™ plates produced by Lundonia Biotech present complex carbohydrates covalently linked to the wells via a robust and chemically well-defined amide linkage.
Carbohydrates are covalently linked to a microwell plate via a 16 to 18 atom long and flexible spacer, which allows a homogenous presentation of all significant epitopes to a protein, rendering the GlycoWell™ plates particularly suitable for studying carbohydrate-protein interactions in ELISA or related assays.
The complex carbohydrates covalently linked to GlycoWell™ plates are evenly distributed on a surface corresponding to 100 µL volume in each well.
Desorption of the carbohydrate into buffers during the course of an assay, thus negatively affecting sensitivity and reproducibility, is completely avoided using GlycoWell™ plates. The stability and reproducibility of the GlycoWell™ plates makes them ideal candidates for use in HTS protocols involving carbohydrate-recognizing proteins.
Stable and homogenous presentation of biologically active complex carbohydrate.
GlycoWell™ plates are stable for at least 14 months at 8°C. As a glyco scientist, you may have a collection of GlycoWell™ plates relevant for your research project conveniently stored in you refrigerator. Simply reach for the appropriate GlycoWell™ plate whenever the carbohydrate binding properties of your protein needs to be investigated.
Expensive and complex glycolipids or glycoproteins never need to be prepared or purchased by you for physical adsorption onto traditional microwell plates.